Starting My Family History Journey

In early 2012, I was contacted, via my membership in,  by a woman living in Australia. After communicating back and forth, we were able to confirm that our great-grandmothers were sisters. My great-grandmother, Sophia [Summers] Garrett (b. 1856), daughter of John William Summers and Jane [Alchin] Summers,  married my great-grandfather, George James Nicholas Garrett (b. 1857), on 28 February 1881. The newlyweds settled in Dartford, Kent, England, eventually moving to Sutton-at-Hone near Dartford. My great-grandfather was an ironmonger/blacksmith and by 1891 had his own shop. They would have eight children, one perishing at Flanders in 1917 during World War 1. Continue reading “Starting My Family History Journey”

What is the “cardboard box”?

The above picture was taken in front of our house in Virginia, Ontario, Canada. My brothers Phil (sitting on the step), Paul (standing at the end of the walkway), my sister Ruth (in the middle) and me to the right of her. Our eldest sibling, David, is not shown. This is the only picture I have of our young lives. In 1968, due to financial hardship, we had to leave our home. Our family possessions were put in a friend’s barn for safekeeping – never to be reclaimed. One of those items was my “cardboard box” full of my most beloved possessions, including family photos. To this day, I miss that cardboard box.